There Are a Lot More Opportunities to Work for an Oil Company than You May Know

The oil industry is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing employment opportunities in America. Whether you are talking about the North Dakota oilfields, the Texas oil fields, the Texas pipeline, or offshore rig opportunities, the oil industry is booming in America and this is meaning that many more jobs are becoming available.

Just 10 years ago only a very small portion of the oil used in this country, less than four percent in fact, was actually extracted here in the United States and in the coastlines that surround the nation. However, things are drastically different now, as nearly half of all the oil that is used is extracted from the ground here. That is a huge difference for sure.

offshore-oil-rig-jobThe Rise of Oil Production Means New Opportunities for Everyone

The oil boom in America has meant that thousands have found North Dakota oil field jobs as well as Texas oil field jobs. There is a whole new set of workers that are needed to help setup rigs and maintain them during operation. This has led to more production jobs, and has led to more drivers and trains needed to transport the oil to production.

Of course, the consumers are the ones that are greatly benefitting as well. It is clearly cheaper to extract oil here in the United States than it is overseas, primarily because it does not have to be transported a vast distance to get here. That is saving everyone money at the pump.

The Hidden Opportunities for Jobs

In North Dakota, in particular, the oil boom has meant that tens of thousands of people from all across the country have flocked to this state to get a job. If you don’t know much about North Dakota, you should understand that this was not like thousands heading for Florida or Pennsylvania. Much of this area is barren and there are literally hundreds of miles of area where you would see only a limited amount of people at all. This means that the places that these workers could go to find general services were greatly limited.

What this has meant is that a whole lot of people needed to move to this area to provide general services to the workers who are assisting the oil companies. They needed cooks, barbers, hairstylists, doctors, nurses, stores, clothing, tailors, shoes, and so much more so that they could function out in the cold North Dakota area.

The needs of the workers have created a huge amount of demand for these support persons. Many of the oil companies have provided these workers, understanding that if they take care of the workers’ needs then they are more likely to stay and continue to work for the gas company.

Thus, a whole set of employment opportunities are not available for people who are looking to find a lucrative job, and are not bothered by living in an area that is a bit more rustic and less developed. Those who can cook well, can do janitorial work, help maintain offices and buildings, secretaries, and many more types of professions are needed in these areas.

While you may be able to find jobs like this in your own area, the likelihood is that you will not be paid as much as you would if you went out to these areas. You can get the kind of employment you are looking for, and the company may be willing to train you into many of the positions that are available. This is a great opportunity to get a job where you can make a lot of money and assist those who are helping to make the country a lot more energy independent.

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