Offshore Rigs Give the Tough Minded a Chance for Financial Independence

Since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, many have been turned off by the prospect of giant oil rigs siphoning oil out of the ground under the waters of the Gulf. The catastrophe caused billions of dollars in damage and left many out of work from the catastrophe. Even those who had nothing to do with the oil industry found themselves highly affected by the disaster, as fisherman, tourist businesses and many others that were dependent upon the waters for their livelihood found themselves destroyed by the oil that poured into the Gulf. After the disaster the Obama administration began a moratorium of sorts on oil extraction in the Gulf where no new contracts were granted, and those who had rigs in the Gulf were required to go through thorough inspections. This was a time consuming process, but is finally over.

Offshore Drilling Is Back in Vogue

After this moratorium ended the oil companies have found that the offshore rig is now available for them to start to use to drill oil again. This has led to an employment boom as they need valuable, hard-working employees that can man these rigs. This is a strenuous job for many reasons. Working on an oil rig is hard work in and of itself, as there can be a lot of heavy lifting and maintenance that can really be taxing on a person’s body. Those who are in more technical jobs have to be fully alert and handle unexpected situations with great intelligence and insight to make sure that the rig is running at peak efficiency at all times. One small mistake can lead to a big disaster, and so employees must be on their game at all time. For those who are interested in such a position, you need to be aware that this can mean that you will be out on the rig for months without returning to the shore. Most employees will have to sleep and eat on the rigs, as there are not transports bringing people to work each day. This makes for a more challenging life for some and will likely mean that you will only see your family a few times, at most, each year.

The Opportunities Are Endless

While this may sound like too much of a burden for some, the opportunities are there to be in a job where you have a real chance for success. The best part of it is that there are opportunities for many different kinds of people to be able to work for a gas company on an offshore rig. For those who are more technically oriented, like computer experts, IT professionals, or programmers, there is always a need to make sure that the systems are running at peak efficiency. Those who have skills working in fields that require manual skills, like plumbers, electricians and the like can find gainful employment quite easy as well. ‘ Even those who have skills that one would not readily think would fit the needs on an offshore rig can find job opportunities. Consider that since the employees need to eat, sleep, and take care of themselves on these rigs, then the gas company needs cooks, janitors, even barbers, doctors, nurses, and other professionals that can provide personal services to the hundreds of people working on the rig. Visit here for more information –


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